About Onio

Introduce your home to the elegant and nature-inspired ONIO series ceiling fans by Usha. Crafted to perfection, they feature nature’s art like the ripples of water, the soothing motion of Zen gardens, the aerodynamics of a boomerang, and much more. But ONIO isn’t just about style, they also boast advanced BLDC technology for energy savings and convenience, allowing you to control them with a multi-directional remote. Upgrade your home decor and experience the beauty of nature with ONIO.

High Air Delivery: Aerodynamically designed blades combined with microchip+ BLDC technology enables ONIO to provide high air delivery.

Dust Resistant: Coated with superior lacquer (Triple Paint Coating), our fans resist the accumulation of dirt. They are also hydrophobic (water resistant) and oleophobic (oil resistant). Making it extremely easy to clean.

Regulator: Convenience of operation with any regulator available at your home for hassle free usage.

Multi-directional Remote

Enjoy the added comforts with the multi-directional remote which does not require you to point the remote toward the fan. So, lounge in comfort, and control all the features of the fan from any corner of the room.

Equipped with Microchip + BLDC Motor

An epitome of energy saving technology in Ceiling Fans, BLDC Motor Technology enhances your comfort by reducing power consumption and hence, by lowering the electricity bills. What’s more! While it saves energy, it keeps the performance of the Fan intact.

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